Each year 100,000 minors are sold into the sex trade…

right here in the United States

Because the average age of entry into the commercial sex industry is 12-14, many children who are rescued from this life lack certain, basic skills. While they are far too calloused and street-savvy for their years, they are often developmentally delayed, both socially and emotionally. They need help learning to interact in healthy ways and many must be taught how to function in open society again. Our goal is to help them at our emergency shelter to find their way on the road to a better life.

Most victims need immediate, and often long-term, medical assistance due to the types of trauma they have endured. Mental health counseling is imperative for victims attempting to become whole again, and shelter staff must be carefully trained to support and advocate for residents and to help them avoid further victimization.

There are currently only 30 facilities, with a total of 300 beds, available across the United States to help both adult and juvenile victims of sex trafficking. The FBI and state police have identified an immediate need for a facility that can provide a safe and loving place of respite and recovery for victims in Virginia.

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