In order to see an end to sex trafficking, individuals like YOU must decide to take a stand.

Educate yourself and others:

  • Learn more about sex trafficking through research and visiting our FAQ’s page.
  • Stay updated with trafficking in the news.
  • Request a speaker for your civic group, club, organization, or church.
  • Spread the word! Place Street Ransom brochures in appropriate locations.
  • Host a movie night with your family, friends, church, youth group, Bible study, organization, or club.
  • Ask your church to keep Street Ransom on their weekly prayer list and consider adding Street Ransom to their local missions budget.

Say “No” to Pornography:

  • Porn is a gateway to sex trafficking.
  • Porn is used to advertize for sex trafficking and drives the demand for sex trafficking.
  • Sex trafficked and abducted children are used to produce pornography.
  • 1 in 5 pornographic images online are of children, which is automatically sex trafficking.

Protect your children:

  • Set a high standard of “love.” Be a self-esteem builder, actively demonstrate that human worth is more than physical appearance, model healthy relationships, etc.
  • Talk to them about sexual abuse. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will experience some sort of sexual abuse before the age of eighteen. Don’t assume your child hasn’t encountered sexual abuse.
  • Talk to them about sex trafficking. Previous childhood sexual abuse is the #1 vulnerability to sex trafficking. Teach your children that sex trafficking is a real crime that takes place here and now.
  • Talk to them about the dangers of social media. Traffickers often use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and XBOX to recruit young victims.
  • Talk to them about online safety. The internet is the #1 tool traffickers use to recruit their victims.
  • Pay attention to them. Show your children that you care about them and that they are important.

If you see something, say something:

  • Pay attention to those around you and know how to identify signs of a trafficker or victim.
  • Contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center:


Don’t hesitate to call the hotline if you find something suspicious. You could be saving someone’s life.


  • For victims to be rescued and restored in Jesus Christ.
  • For pimps and johns to be convicted of their sin and repent.
  • For law enforcement to locate victims and arrest perpetrators.
  • For Street Ransom to provide services to victims and have more opportunities to present educational programs throughout our community.


  • Street Ransom still needs funds to cover the cost of the crisis shelter and future programs. Our ministry could not operate without the generous donations from organizations, churches, and individuals like you.
  • Donate to Street Ransom below