Kristen Muzzy

Human Trafficking Survivor, President and Co-Founder of WAVE Collaborative (World Alliance for the Volunteer Economy)

Kristen’s journey has been one of overcoming the odds and maintaining her faith in the midst of great pain. Her deep faith provided the foundation for her to endure her greatest adversity—being abducted and forced into human trafficking. Kristen accomplished great success despite being told she was worthless and that the only one who would love and provide for her was her abuser. In spite of the odds, Kristen graduated with honors from the University of Wyoming and accomplished a professional career including as an auditor for a Fortune 50 company, controller, consultant, CFO, VP of Operations, EVP, Radio & Media Host, board member of numerous organizations, entrepreneur, and now Co-founder and President of the World Alliance for the Volunteer Economy. Today Kristen is following God’s call to share her story publicly. It is her hope and mission to help others find their voice, follow the right path, and achieve success in life. Kristen believes that it is only through deep pain that she knows abundant joy and can share God’s great love.